Royal Enfield Continental GT Bike Specification, Price, Pictures, videos

Royal Enfield Continental GT Bikes are the lightest, fastest, most powerful bikes produced by Royal Enfield. Continental GT Bikes prior to its launch in India, Continental GT was released in UK and it was one of the most awaited launches from Royal Enfield.

The Royal Enfield Continental GT Specifications, how fast it can take you

  1. Continental GT is powered by 535cc single-cylinder engine with 5 speed transmission.
  2. Continental GT can put forward 29.1 bhp power at 5100 rpm.
  3. Features both electronic or the kick start System.

Royal Enfield Continental GT Price in India

For Royal Enfield Continental GT 535cc, Petrol version is priced at Rs. 1,94,250 in India.

Royal Enfield continental GT Images and Pictures

Royal Enfield continental GT
Royal Enfield continental GT pictures
Royal Enfield continental GT wallpapers

Royal Enfield continental GT videos


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